• How to find the perfect woman

    Posted at 18.01.2021
    Why is finding Ms. Perfect so difficult? It might have happened to you, or maybe you’ve heard it from other men you know—what happens when you find the perfect girl who meets all your standards. She’s exactly what you’ve been looking for in a woman, everything checks out on paper, but when it comes to spending time with her, you realize you don’t at all get along as expected. In the worst-case scenario, Ms. Perfect turns out to be an insufferable shrew, which only ruins your life, rather than sweetening it. How can that be? Well, several factors come into play here.
  • How you can save a relationship

    Posted at 13.01.2021
    You need some time to think things through before making decisions A relationship can fail due to multiple reasons, not all of them being equally serious. When you’re still going through the shock phase, you’re more likely to make hasty and erroneous decisions. Perhaps some reasons for why your relationship reached this state aren’t to be ignored or forgiven, but it’s all up to you and the way you see things.
  • What is a toxic relationship? A toxic relationship could be any dysfunctional relationship which brings nothing positive to your life. It could have to do with a lack of respect between partners, a lack of trust, constant conflicts or even disagreements in general. In any relationship, no matter how happy the couple is, there will always be tense moments and arguments. But when they become habitual, there’s bigger problems at play.
  • Short-term relationships

    Posted at 28.12.2020
    There’s a big difference between long- and short-term relationships The dynamic of these two types of relationships is obviously quite different. You have different expectations, plans, and needs when it comes to a short-term relationship, compared to a long-term one. It’s less about the person you’re with and the connection between you two, and more about the fun, excitement, and sexual satisfaction you get out of it. At the same time, you don’t have to invest as much time, energy, and emotions into a short-term relationship, compared to a serious one.
  • Selfishness kills relationships

    Posted at 21.12.2020
    Wrong reasons to enter a relationship We all want to be happy. It’s a natural part of being human. There are many things that can bring us happiness and satisfaction in life, from personal hobbies to career success. There are also many fears we tend to avoid in order to preserve our happiness. The biggest fear we all have is loneliness.
  • What women want Most women want a masculine man who can take care of them, one they can rely on. Each woman has different qualities she’s looking for in an ideal partner. Some of them prefer funny men, others like serious ones; some prefer adventurous men, others like the more tempered type. All that being said, all women want the same main qualities in a man, which make him most desirable.
  • How relationships can fail

    Posted at 30.11.2020
    Lack of communication between partners Most of us keep relationships as a main goal in life, but it’s not always easy being happy in one, even if you have a partner by your side. It’s easiest to start a relationship, but it’s way more difficult to keep it running in the long run. Long-term relationships are complicated and they imply compromises and effort on behalf of both partners.
  • Women don't know what they want

    Posted at 23.11.2020
    Never believe what a woman says As controversial as it might sound, there’s nothing closer to the truth. How many times has it happened to you? You talk to women and you hear them all saying stuff among the lines of: “I want a sensitive guy”, “I’d like equality in our relationship”, “I want us to be best friends”, or some other fairytale alike. It’s already become a well-known cliché plastered across all magazines and websites dealing with relationship advice.
  • The outside isn’t the most important, but… We all keep some standards in mind when looking for the ideal partner, and physical appearance is also somewhere on the list. As superficial as it may seem, this is reality. Every day, even if on a subconscious level, we check out or judge people around us because of their appearance, people whom we may not necessarily know. Men do it, women do it, everybody does it. Whoever says that looks don’t matter, at least at first sight, is just lying to themselves. There’s a silver lining to all of this, though! After all, sayings such as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “there’s no accounting for taste” exist for a reason.
  • Disagreements between partners There are plenty of reasons that could make you consider breaking up with someone, from minor, superficial ones, to critical and pressing ones. Before making such a decision, you should, first of all, think about what your priorities are, and which path you want to follow in life. More often than not, you feel this way about your relationship when you are unhappy or unfulfilled with your partner, and the reasons for that could vary. Perhaps the most common cause is lack of harmony in your life together.