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  • There was a time, not so long ago, when kink, fetish, and BDSM were all seen as taboo acts, and one few people would ever admit to.  These days, it’s widespread for normie couples to have anything from whips and cuffs to fucking machines and nipple clamps in their bedside drawer. But what caused this revolution in BDSM and made it mainstream?
  • Why is your woman becoming distant

    Posted at 14.07.2021
    Behavioral changes If you’re already married and you live together, things can play out in two ways. Either you behave the same as before marriage and everything works out fine. Or you change your behavior and the way you treat your woman, and things change for the worse. If you notice that your woman is becoming distant lately, this could be the reason. You’ve changed and you no longer treat her the same. Perhaps she’s been used to a specific type of behavior from you, and now she doesn’t know what to believe anymore.
  • Take some initiative during sex

    Posted at 28.06.2021
    Why do you have to take initiative? No woman will fuck herself; you can be sure of that. When it comes to fucking, a woman wants to be fucked in most cases. She won’t do much by herself without knowing you want it too. So, the responsibility falls on you. As a man, you have a stronger character, self-confidence, and determination. You need to fuck your woman like a true man, make her feel that you love her. If you’re waiting for her to take the initiative, you’d better stick to fapping in the basement.
  • Your woman isn’t inciting enough Your sexual cravings are determined by how inciting your woman is. If you have a frigid woman who doesn’t now the first thing about her sexuality, then your libido will drop exponentially. Your woman plays an active part in inciting you sexually through things like clothing, behavior, sexual allusions, temptations, and so on. If your woman is sexually immature and she doesn’t know that sex is important, problems will appear. You need to educate her sexually.
  • The 3 biggest secrets of a woman

    Posted at 07.06.2021
    She loves sex It may sound like a useless piece of information. After all, who doesn’t love sex? The idea is that women love sex at least as much as men do, if not more. There was a rumor that said men are obsessed with sex, much more so than women. Well, the truth is that women too are just as perverse or even more sex-crazed than men, when the hormones are at a peak. They want to fuck a lot, with as many men as possible, or with only one man.
  • Beauty and intimidation One thing that most beautiful women have in common, besides the bouncy pair of tits you’d lick all night, is their intimidation factor. Especially if you lack any experience with romanticism and sexuality. If you’re an inexperienced man and you’ve had no relationship until now, a beautiful woman will seem like a scary monster, like a mountain you don’t know how to climb. That’s because you’re unconsciously attracted to her, and you want to impress her (to be read as “fuck her”). And when you want to impress a beautiful woman, a glib of emotivity peers in through to your soul. It’s downright scary!
  • Women and sex Maybe it’ll surprise you that women are actually just as perverse or even more sexually passionate than men. They think about sex, they watch porn movies, and they want to fuck just as much as men. However, they don’t want to fuck for the sake of it, with any third-rate inexperienced bloke who knows nothing about the female body. A woman wants to be treated and fucked like the queen she is, that the man takes care of her in the most detailed way possible. She wants you to stimulate her erogenous areas until she reaches supreme pleasure.
  • The secrets of womankind It’s often said that women are full of secrets and that it’s very hard to understand them. When, in fact, there’s nothing too mystical or enigmatic about a woman. You only need to have as many experiences with women as possible, learning their way of thinking. This applies to sex especially. Once you’ve had plenty of sex with many women, you’ll learn what makes them click and what gets them to an emotional and physical climax. And an escort can be of real help in achieving this!
  • Shyness and lack of initiative

    Posted at 04.05.2021
    The lack of sexual appeal of a shy man When talking about relationships between men and women, which is the most well-known and idiotic myth? The one about women being attracted to good and emotional guys who’d treat them as queens, of course. This is the most poisonous and dangerous myth out there. It’s a risk to both men’s and women’s happiness. Such a good guy who’s emotional and shy, and who always wears gloves when interacting with his woman, won’t get to fuck her too often. Instead, she’ll cheat on him with a bad boy who barely even remembers her the next day.