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Residence: Bucharest, Romania
  • State:

    Bucuresti Ilfov

  • City:


  • Area:

    Zona Cotroceni - Piata Operei

  • Address:

    Str. Costache Negri, Nr. 18, Sector 5, Bucuresti, Romania

  • Schedule:


  • Languages:

    Romana, Engleza

  • Website:


In the center of Bucharest, with a discreet entrance away from prying eyes, there is an elegant villa. Inside, you will find three rooms, one black, one red, and one green, all waiting for you to rediscover your passion alongside the most beautiful women.

Here, in the intimacy of these rooms, you will become the most wonderful man, and all our masseuses will desire nothing more than to give you pleasure. With your mere presence, you will conquer them, and together you will experience unforgettable moments, where passion and desire intertwine, and all problems fade away, leaving only pleasure as the sole sensation.

Now is your moment to have the most beautiful woman, to live the most beautiful moments !


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